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Is the material of the coffin good for plastic or wood?

Zhengda Casket Factory | Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Of course the wood is good.

To know if the coffin is to be buried underground, and plastic buried underground will pollute a soil, the environment is not good, at the same time coffin Wood preferred unicanaliculata. Not afraid of water, not afraid of Yin, not afraid of soil invasion. The price is high. Easy to carve. After choosing the golden Phoebe. Anti-soil invasion. "Save" sex is good. The material is large and expensive.

Coffin, also known as Shou Coffin, Fang, Shou Fang, Old room, four and a half, ten pieces, is carrying human remains of the box cabinets, usually used in funerals. The coffin with the remains is called the coffin. Coffins can be made from different materials, the most common wood-made, generally have cypress, pine, Phoebe, Willow, Paulownia. There are coffins made of copper and stone.

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